"I call Business leaders to... ensure that Global Compact is implemented more fully within their organizations and through their supplier & partners... Together we can achieve a new phase of globalization... one that create inclusive and substainable markets, builds development and enhances international co-operation."

About Global Compact Network Pakistan

The Global Compact Pakistan Local Network is an employer-led initiative formed on 22.12.2005 at the close of Employer's Federation of Pakistan's launching cermony of Global Compact Pakistan. Through the Local Network, voluntary signatories to the Global Compact interact with each other to enhance their capablitiy to respond to the buisness challenges arising out of their commitment to embrace the principle of Global Compact.

Future Events

44th Business Talk CSR on Post 2015 Development Consultation Engaging with the Private Sector - 23rd September, 2014

Understanding Application on Core Labour Standards for a Better Work Programme 23rd - 24th September, 2014

Living The Global Compact Responsible Business Award - December, 2014